Animated Business Cards
animated business card
animated business cards
animated business card
animated business cards
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The state of Oregon is a special design for my Son-in-law (who is hoping to open the Arena in the next year or
so). In the meantime, he wanted a unique card that really represented his Company and Business, as well as
Location. If printed out, they could still be in the shape of Oregon, which you'd  have to have done by a
professional print service. It could also be printed out on a white background, it wouldn't need anything special in
that case.

  • The first card is not animated, which is how it would look printed out too... special shape or not.

  • The second shows a mosaic type animation in the paintball splats, the paintball gun, and the border.

  • The third shows sparkle/glitter in the paintball splats and on the border.

  • The fourth shows a totally different style of animation... the paintballs shooting out from the gun and

  • This can have several different colors, as well as each splat staying once it hits, until all are showing at the
    end (I will be putting an example of it up soon).

  • These are shown here larger than they would be on a printed card.
Plain, no animation, would look like this if printed:
Mosaic style animation:
Sparkle/Glitter effect, including border:
This shows the paintballs in motion, and splattering:
Animated Business Cards ©BTL Creations
These were made from a friend's Paper Business Card. This shows how
animation can be done on a paper card already in existence.

There are various animations that look good on this... these are just 2 examples:
Animated Business Card
Animated Business Cards
Mosaic Rain:
Sparkle & Glitter:
You need Java to see this applet.
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